Welding & Metal Fabrication



Formac Fabrication is a single source for your welding & metal fabrication projects saving you time and money.

High Quality

It’s true; there are many metal fabricators and welding companies around. What sets Formac Fabrication apart is our team of skilled workers delivering high quality work delivered on time.

Cost effective

We save you money by providing a full competitive service under one roof for your metal fabrication needs.

High quality

There is no substitute when delivering high quality material and work. We are artisans of our trade.

On Time Delivery

We don’t skimp on quality or time but do both well. We pride ourselves on delivering what we say when we say we’ll do it.

Your Design becomes Reality

We exist to create your ideas, big or small and turn them into a reality. Whether you turn up with a hand-drawn sketch or shop drawings we can have your project built on budget on time.


Metal design

No Drawings? No problem. We can supply shop drawings and cad files if required.

CNC Laser cutting

Using a CNC fibre laser, we have the scope to create precise flat profiles tailored to specific designs.

CNC Sheet metal forming

Our sheet metal forming CNC brake press offers state-of-the-art cold metal forming. The sheet metal forming process is so precise that it has a superior finish.


Formac Fabrication specializes in welding as the core foundation of our business. As a certified CWB welder, we provide a team of skilled tradespeople.

Powder coating

Part of our service is offering sandblasting and powder coating to reduce costs, resulting in a full in-house powder coating service.


Formac Fabrication provides a unique service to finalize the sheet metal work by assembling all parts at the end of the metal fabricating process.

Custom metal fabrication & high volume production

Formac offers a full end-to-end service for any custom metal fabrication jobs you need. We can offer high-volume metal fabrication for all of our services.

How it works

Contact us with your idea or design

We talk through your expectations and advise you on specific parameters

We give you a quote and lead time

We will scope out the job and give you a competitive price and lead time for completion

Job finished

Once the job is finished, we contact you on completion and arrange pickup or delivery

Full-Service Metal Fabrication

Formac Fabrication has existed as a full-service metal fabrication company since 2020. What sets us apart from other metal fabricators is our team of skilled welders, designers and fabricators, where the industry has a shortage of skilled workers. We know the business, and we know it well. We have reasonable lead times, which has been a challenge in the industry with worldwide supply chain issues. Our excellence is second to none. We pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship and quality products, and most of all, our promise to the customer. We deliver all of this with a smile and, if needed, ongoing support. We exist for you and look forward to working with you.


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How can we help?

We are always excited to take your designs or ideas and make a quality product that fits exact specifications with flawless finishes. Talk to us today about your next project and how we can help.