Our Customers

We Work With Great People

We are proud to provide high-level superior service and workmanship, partnering with great customers in the mining, and structural industries.


We have work coming to us from many industry sectors. Our primary customers come from:

  • The Mining Industry – working on custom utility mining vehicles for large-scale overseas mines.
  • The Construction Industry – making key metal components used in construction.

We also have many smaller metal fabrication jobs on a weekly basis that keep us busy and our customers happy.

Finding metal fabricators that are on time with good quality and competitive pricing is essential in moving forward today.

We would love to work with you and help you build your project.


We specialize in custom utility mining vehicles

We fabricate mining equipment for the mining industry in different parts of the world. Specializing in custom utility mining vehicles, we also build mineshaft equipment such as skips, cages, and inspection hoods.

Structural and Misc.

We build and design parts for the structural industry

Formac supplies custom metal parts to the structural industries providing metal fabrication to existing structural steelwork. We support the construction industry with key components like beams, stairs, and railings.

Sometimes our work is unseen because it holds up the structures you do see. Our work is consistent, top quality and very cost-effective.

Call us today to see how we can help support your next construction project.


We build custom parts for the automotive industry

Formac Fabrication carries out custom metal design and sheet metal work for the Automotive Industry. We create custom products for assembly lines, such as door carriers and carts for car plants.

With so many production parts needed in the industry and low supply chain issues, it makes sense to support local manufacturing.

How can we help?

We are always excited to take your designs or ideas and make a quality product that fits exact specifications with flawless finishes. Talk to us today about your next project and how we can help.