Professional Welding And Fabrication

Formac Fabrication is a full-service welding and metal fabrication company offering an end-to-end service for custom or individual builds.

Specializing in welding, we take the stress out of metal fabrication jobs by providing a full professional metal fabrication service with everything under one roof. You can drop off your project and pick it up or receive delivery upon completion once your project is complete.

The full process

01. Design

No Drawings? No problem. We can supply shop drawings and cad files if required.

02. CNC laser cutting

Using a CNC fibre laser we have the scope to create precise flat profiles tailored to specific designs.

03. CNC Sheet metal forming

Formac is equipped with a 10 ' 176 ton CNC brake press.

04. Welding

Formac Fabrication specializes in welding as the core foundation of our business. As a certified CWB welder, we provide a team of skilled tradespeople.

05. Powder coating

Part of our service is offering sandblasting and powder coating to reduce costs, resulting in a full in-house powder coating service.

06. Assembly

Formac Fabrication provides a final assembly service to finalize the project.

Custom metal fabrication & high volume production

Formac offers a full end-to-end service for any custom metal fabrication jobs you need. We can offer high-volume metal fabrication for all of our services.

How can we help?

We are always excited to take your designs or ideas and make a quality product that fits exact specifications with flawless finishes. Talk to us today about your next project and how we can help.