Metal Design

Using the best in 3D modelling design software, we are able to turn your dream into a reality with our skilled fabrication design team.

Our design team can create shop drawings for approval, including a digital file package for CNC processes.

With CNC (Computer Numerical Control) for laser cutting, forming and bending, the process is streamlined to fit exact specifications, and you end up with a perfectly fitted project.

The Design Process


Customer supplies digital files and drawings, or the Designer creates shop drawings for approval.


The designer creates a BOM (Bill of Material) for raw materials.


The designer creates digital files for profiles to be cut on the CNC laser cutter and parts drawings for metal forming and saw cutting machines.


Work is then carried out for accurate fabrication, installation and assembly.

How can we help?

We are always excited to take your designs or ideas and make a quality product that fits exact specifications with flawless finishes. Talk to us today about your next project and how we can help.